Us Carny Folk

For over ten years we have been in the concession foods industry, relying mostly on one company for the majority of our supplies.  This one company, who imports everything was extremely unreliable, expensive, and customer service was non-existent.  This forced us to look for alternatives… and was born!

Carny is a central hub for all concession industries, with many Australian-made alternatives to support local industries and to ensure international freight cannot be used as an excuse for low stock and excessive pricing.  We are a team that wants to work with you to help make your business a success.

Do you produce your own ingredients, mixes, or equipment?

We are always on the lookout for Australian-made alternatives to stock in our store.  Like our locally made Fairy Floss sugars made by Very Floss, or our locally grown popcorn kernels by Doc Popcorn – you too can be our partners in crime.  If you have anything that may be of interest to any concession business please be in touch.